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Explanation Text About How Bread is made

Noviana Sari
Almost everyone eats bread every day, especially for breakfast. Making bread is not a complicated task. You must have an oven, water, sugar, salt, flour, and yeast. Basic material is derived from wheat flour. There are two types of flour, which is soft, and hard;
Hard flour, made by winter wheat, is a better choice for baking. Use hard bread flour produces a better texture and flavor, Luke warm water is added to flour to make dough.

Yeast is a microscopic organism. May not be impressive in size but capable of producing carbon dioxide. It is also easy to use. Powered yeast dissolved in water only needs to be used directly. The best yeast in the presence of sugar and warmth.

In addition, encouraging rapid growth of yeast in the dough, sugar is added to flour for bread. Salt is added for the same purpose, to make the bread taste good. However, it has the opposite effect on the yeast, not like sugar. The next ingredient is oil, oil, peanut oil or butter. It's very important to make a tender bread. After mixing with all the ingredients, the flour is hand beaten before being sent to the oven.

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